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Begin You Will Today!

We can prepare a Will for you at a reasonable price, painlessly and far simpler than you expect.

Firstly, what this is not!
This is not a do-it-yourself fill in the blanks wills kit.

There are plenty of those available for $10 and up. I have reviewed many of these completed by clients and the vast majority simply do not do what the client believes or wishes, often just the opposite of what they wanted.

What this is!
I prepare a formal Will, and a Power of Attorney for you, based on your information and instructions. If there are any questions or concerns we will discuss them, by telephone or e-mail. You can then arrange to meet to sign the Will at my Mississauga office, or the Will can be e-mailed or faxed to you with clear directions guiding you through the signing and completion.

Of course, we do need some information from you. We don't need a full inventory or list of your assets and investments, unless it is necessary to follow your wishes. As people tend to buy, sell, give away their assets as the years go by, the Will should be a general plan, broad strokes to guide your Trustee in dividing your belongings among your heirs rather than a micro-management document. Besides, it is never a good idea to give your information to a stranger on a web-site under any circumstances.

Our Pricing:

  A Single (normal) Will $200.00
  Two Complementing (family) Wills $350.00
  A Power of Attorney for
Property and Personal Care
  Two Complementing
(family) Attorneys
  One Will and Attorney $250.00
  Our Family Package:
Two (normal) Wills and
Two Power of Attorneys

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